Sic Bo 101:

November 27, 2019

Are you sick of playing online slot games in Thailand, and would want to try something new?
You may want to explore Sic Bo. Learning a new online casino game is not easy, but you will
surely love the challenge. Just like any other game, playing Sic Bo involves certain strategies
that will allow you to win, and sometimes, lose. Before playing your first game, make sure that
you have read about Sic Bo strategies.

Playing Sic Bo

    1. Set a budget before playing at the Sic Bo table. If you exceed this budget, it’s time to stop and leave.
    2. Betting starts before all the three dice are rolled. Don’t forget to mark your value.
    3. Place all your chips, and then choose any number or combination.
    4. All of the three dice would roll at the dice shaker. The result will be revealed o the Sic Bo table.
    5. If successful, it’s time to collect your payouts.

The process may appear intimidating and complicated at first. Soon, you’ll get the hang of it.
Basically, Sic Bo is like a mix of roulette and craps.

The winning house advantage is around 12% over the Sic Bo player. It’s a huge variance, given
that you are allowed to bet a particular number combination, and then win payouts from various

How can bonuses help a player in Sic Bo?

Longevity and bonuses that reward cash credits are key components to Sic Bo success.

How crucial is practice in implementing Sic Bo strategies?

Practice is crucial with Sic Bo. Practice will help you improve your winning ratio, and save
money. Play demo online casino games. These will help you check which games are the most
profitable, instead of just learning everything by losing money. You will be able to evaluate the
betting values that have consistent returns and profit, and at the same time learn more about
value betting.

Are there particular Sic Bo strategies that guarantee success?

No strategy can ever guarantee 100% success. In the world of Sic Bo, you can improve your
understanding, skills and awareness by using good strategies. Keep in mind that these are online
casino games developed on random fortunes. You can’t manipulate them with more money.