Architecture 101: 5 Helpful Tips

October 21, 2019

Mix the materials tastefully.

Are you thinking of combining different roof materials to your new home design project? This is completely possible, and can incorporate a satisfying and subtle interest to a specific design. For instance, you can combine asphalt shingle springs and metal roof if putting together a farmhouse design.

Consider materials that are proven to be durable, depending on where you live.

Choose those materials which are cost effective, and meant to last. This is an important rule for home builders. Pick those materials that wouldn’t need immediate replacement or refurbishment over a long duration of time.

Don’t just add new materials and accents haphazardly.

So, you want to include that initial exterior material? If you garnish it with something else, you might end up lessening its impact. When adding other materials, make sure that it is regionally appropriate. Use it on those defined architectural masses.

Leave visual space around windows and doors.

According to professionals from the best architecture firms in Malaysia, it’s important to leave an appropriate amount of space between brick wall and stone openings, even if the materials are veneered. That way, you can add credibility and authenticity to the overall design.

Light fixtures and other functional accessories add an extra layer of interest.

Make use of gates, light fixtures and other accessories such as downspouts and gutters well. Keep in mind that even after figuring out the entire window and door design, you still need to do tons of finishing, all of which must build properly on the base.