A Simple Guide to Car Seats

October 7, 2019

Aside from baby clothes and bottles, a baby car seat is another thing that you should consider buying when you have a vehicle and you are expecting a child.

That is because there are certain countries that prohibit you from bringing your baby into the vehicle if there is no baby car seat installed in it.

That being said, most parents actually do not know how to choose the right car seat for their babies simply because there are so many different configurations and not all countries have the same laws regarding them.

In today’s post, I will provide you with a simple guide to car seats so that you will know how to purchase the right one for your baby.

Before Buying

Before you go out there and find the right car seat for your baby, it is important that you know the different types. Some of the common types of car seats include:


This is ideal only for children 9 months of age up to 4 years.

Highback Boosters-

This can be used for children up to 12 years. This goes with or without a harness but why wouldn’t you include one?

Baby Seats-

They are typically rear-facing and should be in that orientation until your child reaches two years of age or more. It can support a maximum weight of 13 Kg.

Combination Seats- This allows you to put the seat in the rear-facing position until such time that you can put it in a forward-facing position when your baby has grown older.

When Fitting the Car Seat

When you are about to buy a car seat for your baby, you have to first have a look at your car’s manual. That is because there are certain car seats that would require certain mechanisms before they can be installed. If your car doesn’t have that support system, then you may need to find another one that does.

You must also try the car seat before you buy it. Fortunately, most (if not all) of the shops that sell baby car seats will allow you to do so.

Install the car seat in such a way that the seatbelt isn’t too restrictive to your baby’s movement. A properly installed car seat is one that doesn’t move excessively.

Always Think About Safety

Put the car seat’s instruction manual in a safe place so that if you need to know something about the product, you will know where to find it.

Always remember that if you have a relatively young child that you put the car seat in its rear-facing orientation for as long as possible. Ideally, it should be in the said position for more than two years, but that will depend on the weight of your child.

The car seat should be installed in such a way that the seatbelt doesn’t restrict their movement and it shouldn’t be too tight that it suffocates your child in the process.

Always remember the old adage, “safety first”.