5 Factors To Consider When Choosing a Web Host

November 18, 2019

1. Backups

Top web hosting companies in Malaysia always help their clients backup website information.

As you know, the digital landscape is plagued by hackers and different kinds of cyberattacks. A
big number of websites are targeted each day. Because of this, it’s necessary to pick a website
hosting provider that has implements multiple backups for website information. These backups
would come in handy, just in case your hard disk fails.

2. Control Panel

As you begin your new life as a blogger, you must be prepared to perform and learn new tasks
yourself, regardless of how very little you understand about technology. How can you install a
new content management system? Is it possible for you to create a new email account and a new
plugin? To do all of these smoothly, you need to the help of a control panel. Never settle with a
web host that doesn’t provide a user-friendly control panel.

3. Scalability

Scalability is another important factor you must consider when picking a website host. As your
web traffic and sales increase, your initially chosen web hosting plan might no longer be able to
sustain all of your needs. If your web hosting company can’t attend to your requirements are you
grow, then that is a serious problem.

4. Availability and reliability

Undated, unreliable and weak hardware and connections can cause your web pages to be offline
most of the time. This can lead to loss of sales and readership. You wouldn’t want your search
engine ranking to decrease. A good way to gauge a web hosting firm’s ability to keep your web
pages up and running is by checking its history of uptime scores. Make sure to avoid those hosts
with uptime scores below 99%.

5. Price

Contemplate on how much you want to spend for your web hosting services. Keep in mind that
the price must not be a deciding factor in this factor. Moreover, settling for the cheapest hosting
solution is not the most effective idea, most especially for your long-term plans.