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Results of:
The 2nd Negeri Sembilan International Salon of Photogrpahy 2013

The 2nd Negeri Sembilan International Salon of Photogrpahy 2013


20, September 2009
After more than 14 hours of judging, the results of the "1st. Negeri Sembilan International Salon of Photography 2009" were finally produced. Thanks to the capable judges and the comptent scoring crew, the judging went smoothly.

Click on the thumbnail to view the results. Do check out the site again for more information.

15, April 2009
Come September, in conjunction with 1st. PSNS Int'l salon, PSNS will be organizing a seminar comprises of some of the best speakers from round the region. Photographers from four countries namely Xie Mo from China, Zhang Mei Yan and Tay Puay Kuan from Singapore and our very own Harry Woo, Eric Cheong, Foo Kok Khin, Song Jeng Tek and Jonathan Tai. <more>...

08, January 2009

The results of the "Enchantment Snapshot 2008" had been announced. There were more than 200 entries received, PSNS was proud to be the co-organizer for the event. Click here to see the slideshow of the winning photos.

18, September 2008
A'Famosa, famous of its theme park and exquisite resort is organizing a photography competition titled: "Enchantment Snapshot". PSNS has the honour of becoming the co-organizer for the contest. Total prizes up to RM10,000.00 could be won! Interested? Click here for more detail.

26, August 2008
PSNS with the assistance of Sin Chew Jit Poh and IJM will organize a model shooting contest at S2 City Park, Seremban. Total prizes up to RM3300/= is up for grabs.

Come, hook on your favorite lenses and take part in one of the merriest competitions in Seremban. Here is the detail:

Date: 13/09/2008
Time: 8.00am
Venue: S2 City Park
Contact person: William Chee 012-6358891

Click here for more info.

14, July 2008
Do you always feel something is not quite right with your photos? Or do you think your photos need some polishing up in postproduction but don't really get the hang of it? Still struggling with layers in Photoshop? Come August, The Photographic Society of Negeri Sembilan will organize a workshop on Photoshop to better your photos. <more....>

02, June 2008
Ever fancy of backpacking to South America all by yourself? Do I hear you say lack of info? Or finding it hard to plan the itinerary? Well, you are in luck! Come 12th, July 2008; PSNS is pleased to announce that Ms. Chen Su Yin, the lady who ventured into Latin America for 29 days, planned the journey every step of the way and walked alone on the earth of these countries, will share with you her insight about her adventure bitter and sweet!<more....>

22, March 2008
Mr. Ma's visit to Malaysia, according to the man himself, had been one of his most memorable experience. The Photographic Society of Negeri Sembilan Malaysia has the pleasure of playing host. During his visit, Mr. Ma has visited Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malacca, Ipoh and Seremban, he has also been adventurous enough to try some of the local delicacies, including durian, which according to him after tasted a few, was undoubtedly "the king of all fruits." ..<more>

10, March 2008
The Photographic Society of Negeri Sembilan has the honour of inviting one of the most prestigious photographers in China, Mr. Ma Li Wen to Seremban. Mr. Ma's presence was part of the program of The Photographic Society of Negeri Sembilan in conjunction of it's 60th. anniversary celebration. Yuan Yang is famous for its breathtaking scenery of terrace paddy fields,  arguably one of the largest in the world. It is also generally regarded by photography enthusiasts as the holy land to make a photography pilgrimage. Come and listen to the stories from the horse's mouth about photographing in this place.

12, February 2008
In conjunction with its 60th. annivesary, The Photographic Society of Negeri Sembilan has launched a photo magazine, aptly named as "Ying Zhong 60th.", literally means "Traces of Photography". The book included members' work from the past and also the recent ones, making "Yin Zhong 60th." truly a collector's item. Click here watch the highlights of the evening.....<more>

Past Activities

12, July 2008

Images of Chen Su Yin's

22, March 2008

Highlights of Ma Li Wen's
Visit to Malaysia

12, February 2008
Launching of
"Yin Zhong 60th."
Photo Magazine

2, February 2008
Selections of photos for
"Ying Zhong 60th."

12, January 2008
Old friends from the
Photo Art Association
of Singapore


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